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Roll-Lux Official Distributor Of Renova Colored Toilet Paper, paper towel , napkins facial tissues
513 NE 189th St
Miami FL 33179

At our core, we specialize in high-end, colorful toilet paper, but we've expanded our offerings to better serve your needs. We now supply ultra-soft white paper and 100% recycled, recyclable options, all packaged in eco-friendly materials.

Explore More Options: Our 8 different colors of toilet paper come not only in traditional packaging but also in unique gift boxes and a luxury version that can be customized for your establishments or special events.

As impressing your guests is part of your daily routine, paying attention to the details has become crucial. Don't let the chance slip by to delight your customers with colored toilet paper that matches your colors or themes.

SKIN-FRIENDLY: All our toilet papers are 3-ply for extra comfort and strength, and they undergo dermatological testing to ensure daily skin safety. 

SUSTAINABILITY: Our products are made in Portugal, and proudly hold various eco-certifications like Ecolabel, EMAS, and FSC®, signifying their reduced environmental impact from raw materials to disposal. 

PLUMBING-SAFE: Furthermore, despite their 3-ply construction, our toilet papers dissolve completely in water, preventing any plumbing issues.

Choose our beautiful linen-feel paper napkins in 8 different colors, and 6 for our cocktail napkins, for a more hygienic and convenient alternative to cloth towels. Save time on washing and folding!

CONSUMER FRIENDLY: BRC Food-certified products guarantee the highest standards of safety and quality in every bite.

ECO-CONSCIOUS: These napkins are made in Portugal of FSC® certified and other controlled materials. By choosing this product, you are supporting responsible management of the world’s forests.

Finally, we have other susceptible product ranges to meet your needs. Feel free to explore our website and follow us on our social networks for exciting updates and new releases. Contact US: 


Call: 786 440-7497

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