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Volan Technology

720 Monroe St
Hoboken NH 07030

Volan Technology provides live precision location positioning and secure tracing of thousands of people with zero dependency on cell, GPS or WiFi. Patented AI technology with encrypted data privacy for contact tracing, crisis management, and automatic rostering solutions.

The Volan Positioning System™ (VPS) uses Bluetooth 5 Low Energy geofencing to create a neural mesh that adapts based on who is in it at any time and can automatically identify when people enter and exit any area. Zero dependency on cellular, WiFi, or GPS for both horizontal and vertical location information with no signal loss, even during loss of power. 

Contact tracing and temperature tracking analytics help identify employees at risk instantly. By tracking frequency, proximity, and duration of exposure, Volan instantly identifies employees at highest risk with complete accuracy. The analytics dashboard can provide location history for targeted disinfecting routes and .

As laws are being enacted throughout the United States and the world requiring hotels to provide panic alarms and crisis management. Volan’s VPS™ is able to determine the precise location of an employee in a three-dimensional space for accurate and immediate response. Unlike competitors' one button solution, Volan's customizable action buttons allow each property to dispatch appropriate responses for different events, including fire, assault, or medical emergencies. 

Volan's automatic rostering capabilities can keep track of when employees arrive and depart the property. Should an emergency occur, Volan’s system can apprise first responders of the location of each employee throughout the building. 

Respecting data privacy is a priority for Volan Technology. Volan does not collect individual data, we do not have access to any employee's personal information and hence cannot and will not sell data to third parties. Clients create and manage their own data through an encrypted iOS app, to which only relevant administrators have access. Clients create and manage their own user information and passwords apart from Volan. 

For more information, contact michael@volantechnology, or view our website

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